Is ORANGE THEORY effective in weight loss?

What is 4 + 10?

When you do any physical activity in your daily life like doing household work or playing some kind of sports, it can be included in the exercise. Also if gardening or cleaning, cycling or walking to the shops can be counted in exercises. You should at least walk daily for 30 to 40 minutes to stay healthy. Or you can try New Gyms Near Me to motivate yourself for exercising. If you have lung problems you can try aerobic exercise as it is good for the heart and lungs and makes you use oxygen efficiently.  In Miami Gym you can join swimming classes to increase your breathing capacity.


When you exercise, the two important organs of your body i.e. heart and lungs come into action as the lungs carry oxygen into the body and remove carbon dioxide and produce energy at the same time. And the heart pumps oxygen to the muscles while you are exercising. During exercise classes near me, your muscle works harder as the body requires more oxygen and it produces more carbon dioxide also at the same time. To complete the demand your breathing rate increases from 15 times a minute to 40-60 times a minute. Blood circulation also speeds up to take the oxygen to the muscles during exercising so that muscles keep functioning well.

What is the Best Workout Near Me?


Nowadays, there is a new method used in Popular Gyms for burning calories fast and effectively which is known as Heart Rate Based Interval Training.


What is orange theory?


The orange theory is  based on the scientific method which is designed to burn fat at the highest level, founders often call it multi-vitamin or metabolic training.  The theory has been so popular that many Miami Fitness Centers  are using it due to its effectiveness.


It’s technique is based on post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which refers to the concept  of taking an increased amount of oxygen to your body after exercise which is also referred to as after burn. The effect of after burn happens after the physical activity, but according to the experts it is highly efficient when you are doing high intensity work out in  Miami Fitness Center.  The orange theory works on a kind of strategy in which the user’s aim is to reach the goal of earning at least 12 splat points per workout(one hour). That means you have to spend at least 12 minutes in the workout to attain optimal caloric burn during the heart-rate training  zone.


In orange theory,  the trainer measures your splat points using the device called “OTbeat” which is a chest strap monitor that is used to measure your heart rate. When members see the real time data during the workouts in Miami Fitness Gym they get motivated and push themselves harder to complete the goal. An OTbeat fitness tracker app tracks the result and progress over time.

The researchers say that OTF works effectively as it’s high energy and the classroom environment  in Miami Fitness is quite motivating. You can find success with OTF if you stay consistent with it in Miami Beach Outdoor Gym.



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